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Our Story

We are a small family-owned and operated organic farm located in the ecologically rich Pembroke Township, IL [Kankakee County]. We have an active homestead of vegetables,
poultry, and small livestock. For over 20 years, our farm has played a pivotal role as a site for training and educating students [k-12, college & trade], organizations, farmers, farm interns, and volunteers. 

We have spearheaded organic research and education, collaborated on state and local food policies, and helped to establish farm organizations, urban farms, and several farmers’ markets within the Chicagoland area. We have keynoted major farm conferences and local food movements across the country with numerous awards and recognitions. Our core mission is simple: The only ingredient is love [for the earth, humanity, and tomorrow's future]. Our farm is known for high-quality greens, peas, poultry, and eggs to many of our restaurants, CSA's, and private customers.

Iyabo Farms was the recipient of several awards that helped our farm to Survive and Grow!

We've been awarded:

the Experimental Station Advocates for Urban Agriculture IL,

the Steward Alliance award,

the Pembroke Farming, and the Family

Proviso Partners for Health / Trinity award. 

About Us: Our Farm

Meet the Team

Good Food Lovers

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Kweli & Johari

Founders and Operators

In it together, Kweli & Johari have dedicated their lives to Food Access, Food Justice, Food Safety, and plain ole Good Food! For nearly 30 years, When the term organic was just a buzzword, they were pioneering its presence in the food desserts, and kitchens of Chicago.


 Asst. Farm Manager, Forager

Born and raised right here on the farm, Monsol is truly rooted in this soil! He is a connoisseur of good food, a fantastic chef, and an excellent steward of the lands. 


Farm Manager

Cliff has been a part of Iyabo Farms for over a decade, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly at the farm. Being a certified Farmer Manager is tough, but Cliff is relentless and proud of what he does!



Land Operations & Eco Manager

Her first food came from this farm! Therefore, Pasama's taproot is anchored at Iyabo. As a land manager, her support of the environment and infrastructure needs keeps this farm's synecology interconnected and functional! She is also an Environmental Anthropologist ensuring that the land, youth, culture, and stewards of Pembroke Township will be justly Preserved, Highlighted, and Celebrated.


Volunteer Planter and Harvester

At 88, Matanah is responsible for a good harvest to share! One of the best foragers, weeders, and pickers of beans and peas [her favorite] anywhere, Matanah has been lending a hand at Iyabo for over a decade! Her love of Good Food vibrates in all the food she helps to plant, care for, and harvest!

About Us: Meet the Team
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